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How’s Your Health Status?
measuring woman's blood pressure with tonometer

First Medical Care understands how important those yearly check-ups are. Sometimes, because we’re so busy, we forget to pay an annual visit to our doctor’s clinic, and by the time we remember, we’re simply too tired to drive there. But nothing seems to be wrong, right? Well, when it comes to our health, we should never take any chances. If you don’t want to get out of the house for a check-up, then you can just call us to make a house visit.

We can perform your annual check-ups in your home, office, or our office, depending on which place is more comfortable for you. Stay updated on the status of your health and learn about the measures you need to take to keep yourself healthy.

Discover more about this service by getting in touch with us today. You may contact us at 954-306-6200.