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Get the Most Convenient Medical Care Wherever You Are


People often disregard checking their health condition for different reasons, such as not having easy access to a health care facility, limited time to travel to a distant clinic, or long hours waiting to get accommodated while lining up with dozens of patients. At First Medical Care, you no longer have to worry about any of these because we bring you quality care at your convenience, wherever you are.

We serve the people by making medical care accessible to them instead of doing it traditionally where patients have to come to us. However, we still give our patients a choice if it serves their comfort. They may also visit our medical clinic in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida for consultations.

Recent challenges to health, like COVID-19, that everyone endured emphasized the importance of being proactive in terms of taking care of our health. We need to know what our bodies are prone to and counteract this with preventive measures to avoid the worst-case scenario. One of the services we offer is the COVID 19 test, which you can get at any time. We can also help you check your medical history to determine the state of your health more accurately.

Furthermore, our medical professionals are attentive and committed to paying home visits to our patients to deliver consistent, quality health care in Florida. Through this, we seek to alleviate the suffering of the patient from transferring from one place to another while undergoing treatment.

You can also make sure that your family’s state of health is good by undergoing physical examinations to ascertain that your mind and body are well conditioned for the bigger things you ought to do at school or work. This would also result in long-term benefits since you can avoid activities that would trigger or result in unwanted effects on your health.

Moreover, we specialize in geriatric care which includes physical examinations, annual check-ups, medical history reviews, and home visits to elderlies, so they no longer need to experience the hassle of traveling while enduring physical difficulties at the same time.

So, let your health be your top priority. Set your appointment with us and let quality medical care come to you wherever you are. Contact 954-306-6200 or send an email to help@myfmchealth.com.

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