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Senior Care 101: Updating Immunizations Is Important


It’s crucial to get immunized to offer our bodies the defense and immunity against numerous diseases that it requires. An estimated 45,000 adults pass away from complications brought on by diseases that can be prevented by immunizations, according to John Muir Health.

This problem is also a result of some adults believing they don’t require immunization. However, problems from the diseases themselves are more likely to affect those 65 and older. Therefore, upgrading our immunizations every year is crucial.

As such, our medical clinic in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, offers vaccinations to help families boost their health. If you are unable to go, we also offer home visitations to improve your overall comfort and efficiency.

The following vaccinations are the most crucial ones that adults should receive annually.

  • Vaccination for influenza

    Since protection is transient, it is essential to have an annual flu shot from your provider of health care in Florida. The vaccine is updated annually to ensure that it is as effective as possible against the most recent strain of the virus.

  • Pneumonia vaccine

    Each year, pneumonia causes 60,000 fatalities. Pneumococcal immunization should be given once to those who are at high risk.

  • Influenza vaccine

    It is additionally called the Zoster vaccination. This vaccine, at the very least, lessens the intensity of shingles and reduces the likelihood of developing it by roughly 50%.

  • Tdap vaccination

    To lower the risk of whooping cough, the pertussis component has been added to this vaccine’s tetanus-diphtheria component.

As such, we at First Medical Care, offer immunization care, including COVID-19 test. We commit to making our clients’ and their families lives better through the services we provide.

Please feel free to contact us right away if you have any questions about our services.

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